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Don't let the Chinese writing deter you. These are amazing for the flu/cold. I barely get sick and last summer I came down with the worst flu/virus. I had a killer sore throat that just would not go away for weeks. Started researching for a solution online, stumbled across these and gave them a try. Finally found the relief I was looking for. These should be taken the minute you feel something coming on. 4 or 5 at first, then 4 every 3 hours, for 3 days to make sure whatever hits you, is knocked out completely. Oregano oil and vitamin C are really good to take alongside these. I don't recommend these as a form of prevention. They should only be used for symptomatic relief. Although this product has clean ingredients , some herbs may contain lead as they have a CA Prop 65 Warning. Keep in mind that a good majority of chocolate contains traces of lead, but a warning is not required on chocolate products like they are on supplement labels.

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Awesome cookies to snack on with some coffee! He warned! They can be super addictive!

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These cups taste like they filled with Nutella, but the great part is that it is made with good ingredients and there is no added sugar

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Finally a healthy cereal that doesn't taste like cardboard. It is jam packed with vitamins and minerals and high in fiber. I like to add raisins and nuts to it and have it as a snack throughout the day.

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