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These waffles don’t have the strong whole grain flavor that other waffles do. They’re just a nice blueberry-flavored waffle. Notice how I said “blueberry-flavored.” They taste like they have blueberries in them but they do not have any blueberry pieces in them.

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I bought 3 of these for a Thanksgiving get-together last year. The first can stopped working so I grabbed the other one from the fridge. After a couple uses that one stopped working too. Can you guess what happened with the third? Pie without whipped cream. I am laughing at my misfortune.

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Brie is expensive but for TJs price point it better taste worth every penny, I second that...go to Walmart.

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If you can handle the bitter taste of dark chocolate you would like these. They have a fun crunch to them. However, when there is 6 grams of added sugar I think it kind of defeats the purpose of eating dark chocolate

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This item taste like traditional guac but it is highly perishable. You have to finish it fast. Won't last in the fridge for long.

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